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Important Labelling Guidelines That You Should Know

For your food to be bought in the market, you need to label the final product. You also need to ensure safety when labeling the final product. After reading this article, you will be able to know and understand useful guidelines on food labeling. To begin with, you must write the name or the description of the food. Your product must have a name that will identify it from other products in the market. Such names include; bread, cake and many others. Your product should have identification. Apart from having a name, your product should have a statement of ingredients. A statement of the ingredient will help the person interested in your product read and know what your product is made from. The ingredients should also include the name of additives used in making the product.

The labeling should also have a declaration of food ingredients that cause hypersensitivity. This information is vital in helping the consumers know the dangers that are related to the consistent use of your product. Another crucial declaration of the net content in the package. The ingredients used should be weighed and indicated on the label to help the consumer know the harmful quantities and those that are not harmful to them. It is also crucial to indicate on your label, the name and address of the local manufacturer or producer of that particular product. People should know where to find you. It is also important to indicate the country of origin of the food because the name of a city or town is not enough.

The other guideline is the additional labeling requirements. Additional labeling requirements include details such as the expiry date of the product. Marking the expiry date will help your customers from taking foods that have already expired, which might, in turn, be harmful to their health. Also, indicate the statement of advice on your product especially for food containing certain sweetening agents. Presence of the advisory statement will help guide your customers on the extent of use of that product. It is also important to label special purpose foods. These are foods that are meant for a special group of people such as children, the elderly, breastfeeding women, and many others. It is also advisory to indicate the nutritional value of your product on your labeling. The nutritional value includes the presence of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and energy contents.

While labeling the advisory statement, you should also include the specific labeling for certain food categories. Your customers need to know whether the product is whole grain, irradiated food, milk, fruit wine, pre-packaged edible fats and oils and so on. Also, the advisory statement for certain ingredients should be included. The advisory statement should include statements of warning for the use of the product by certain people, for instance, those that are asthmatic and other health issues. In conclusion, it is advisable to read the labeling of the food products you want to buy so that you can know the constitution of the food and other vital information such as the advisory statement. The information above will guide you when buying new and unfamiliar products.

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